syn·di·cate, n.
  1. An association of people or firms formed to engage in an enterprise or promote a common interest

  2. A company consisting of a number of separate newspapers; a newspaper chain

  3. A loose affiliation of gangsters in control of organized criminal activities

The STL Syndicate is a loose affiliation of blogs about St. Louis written by interesting people in the know. It's a new way of reporting and distributing information that delivers frequently updated content to twitchy news junkies hitting Refresh. Recent headlines from individual sites in the syndicate are pulled together on the umbrella site (STLSyndicate.com) using a file format called RSS (Really Simple Syndication), giving you one place to go to for all the latest St. Louis news before it hits other media outlets. You can take part in the conversation by posting comments on syndicate members' blogs. If you'd like your own blog and you think you've got the chops to be a member of the STL Syndicate, contact kingpin@stlsyndicate.com. Viva local nanopublishing!

If you think this is a good idea and you'd like to see us continue to spread the news about St. Louis, please consider advertising with the syndicate. Ads are only a penny per view.